Friday, 24 July 2015

Latest Sweet Regency Romance!

Reviewed by Fran:


This novel is one of those highly amusing Regency romps, in which characters step centre stage and gradually become more than mere shadows amidst the various props and scenery that are almost universally recognised as obligatory items within Regency romances. That’s not to say the author hasn’t used her literary palette well, because indeed she has, and duly paints a vivid interpretation of Regency London and its social, if somewhat staid, and formal whirl. But nothing about Cleo Cooper is formal, not if she can help it. In fact, she’s of a decidedly Bohemian bent, and when need for monies to sustain her immediate dependents and that of extended family (acquired by default of kindness), risqué ventures seem but a small gesture in keeping them all well provided for. But of course, the best laid plans and well practised modus operandi can draw the attention of an astute observer, and the last person Cleo would have suspected as having an eye for the female form and mobility, is that of the Duke of Winton.
Arthur Ramsey, almost a reluctant duke, is a man of science and a keen astronomer. For the most part he has always abided to the moral code befitting any upright and honourable gentleman, and while the begetting of a wife by way of attendance at Almack’s is to some extent pure purgatory, he nonetheless succeeds in his aim, and his life is soon mapped before him with a great deal of clarity and clinical precision.  But Lady Fate has other ideas, and suddenly what had seemed as though a walk through the intricacy of Regency life, the reader’s horses pick up the pace when the duke sets out to unravel the mystery of a gypsy girl, a gypsy caravan, and pigeon messenger carriers. Whilst the duke tumbles headlong into romantic notions that set him ill at ease, his affianced is likewise facing a dilemma erring French Farce. Thus, A Feather to Fly With, is a delightful blend of light farce and romance set within the Regency era.   A lovely, lovely light-hearted read!