Friday, 10 July 2015

A Western Book Review - 'Loving Lucas'


A Review by Diana (RTAnnie)

Well I have to say I absolutely hate to read these short books.  This one has a good storyline but just when things start happening, ‘The End’.

I loved Audra and Lilah, they are two strong women having lost both father and mother are trying to stay on their homestead and carve their life in a man’s world.  Life was tough in those days especially for young women, but these two are full of spunk and tough as nails.  As always in the old western days women aren’t worth much more than a piece of you know what to some men and others looking for a wife and some of those men weren’t worth squat.  But there were good men looking for good wives and in Audra and Lilah’s case men from all over were after them.  When two hardened men from a neighboring ranch decide to visit the young women one night they decide to scare them by shooting at their log home, but to their surprise the women shoot back and then steps in a savior.

Lucas Blake steps in just in the nick of time and takes a shot at one of two men sending bullets in a homestead.  Lucas a lawman just cannot let this sort of thing happen and to his surprise there are two lovely women inside alone.  One of which he is instantly drawn too.  But Lucas is on his own mission and offers his help to the young Audra and Lilah Canton as a hired hand on their small homestead. 

I really can’t go into much more since the book was so short, it has no depth, if the author would have expanded on this story line it would have been top notch in my opinion, but it is what it is.  It will instantly grab your interest and you’ll enjoy the antics of the main characters but just when the going gets good you’re at the end.

If you like the little quickie reads then you’ll like this book but in my opinion, no I would not recommend this one, there’s just not enough there.