Monday, 29 June 2015

A Paranormal Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Harvest Moon’ (Night Hunters Book 1)
by:  Helena Shaw

Jennifer at eighteen has run away from home and a powerful abusive step-father on the run she ends up in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains.  She has changed her hair color, her eye color and her new name is now Dawn, working as a waitress in a small local bar.  When a flurry of murder begins happening to young blond haired women the little town is set upon by not only the local police but FBI agents and a gruff bunch of hunters all hunting for the so-called bear that they believe to be behind the attacks.  

As the authorities are dubbing this as a ‘bear attack’, there is one agent that has other beliefs. Jase is just not in line with the rest of the law, he’s special and not who he says he is.  Dawn is just trying to lay low and not call any attention to herself when one night her co-worker and friend disappears and has yet to be found.  She is suddenly thrust into the middle of the investigation side by side with the dark and mysterious Jase, a hunter of the paranormal.

This is an awesome book that I couldn’t put down.  It literally kept me on the seat of the couch while I was reading the story of Dawn and Jase.  There is so much suspense waiting for a bear to strike or wolf or whatever is going on, you’re just not sure, but you’re glued to the pages.  I loved the characters of Dawn and Jase, they were real people, both with secrets and are finding that they are drawn to one another by fate which is all powerful in the matters of the heart.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Review Paranormal Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Hunted - Tiger Billionaire’ – Book One
by:  Suki Selborne

Finola is having a terrible bad Friday night and it all starts with a phone call from her agency asking her to go into work for a late night shift with the CEO.  Finola needs the cash so she agrees, but in the parking lot of work she is set upon by unknown men forcing her into her vehicle when a white tiger appears out of nowhere and saves her from danger in the hands of kidnappers.  When she gets herself together she heads for her building to call for the police when she runs smack dab into a hot, sexy, well endowed naked man.  After a wild sex event in the elevator she realizes that the naked man is none other than Sebastian Chase, the CEO of the bank itself.  A billionaire in his own right from old family money and a shape shifter.

Sebastian Chase, a billionaire comes from a long line of banking magnets but he has a dark secret that his family has carried for centuries.  He’s a tiger shapeshifter, a very rare DNA that carries the gene of the white tiger.  He’s built like a well defined Greek God statue, sexy as hell and very generous in the manly parts.  He has by fate’s hands been blessed with his mate and he’s going to protect her at all costs.  There are a group of bad people after him and now that fate has thrown Finola into his life as his mate, they will go after her to get to him.

Friday, 26 June 2015

A Contemporary Review - by Diana (RTAnnie)

Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime, #1)
‘Wind Chime Cafe’
 Book 1
by: Sophie Moss

Annie Malone a single mother of a little girl that has gone through the most horrific trauma that a child should never ever have to experience has decided to leave D.C. and move somewhere quiet where her and her little girl can get some much needed reprieve from hounding reporters..  She and her daughter move to Heron Island off the Maryland coast where she plans to live her dream.  She purchases a little café with an apartment above where she has plans of opening a fancy French restaurant (bistro) on the auspice that a big time hotel company is purchasing property to build a fancy high dollar resort.  She can hardly wait after all the years of saving she has finally taken the big step into ownership and management.

But we all know that often times the best laid plans go to squat when fate steps in and changes the events and path of our lives.  Annie has no clue what she has gotten herself into on Heron Island but she’s about to find out that the powers to be have other plans for her life and that of her little daughter.

Will Dozier has no intentions of selling his grandparents home on the little sleepy Heron Island.  It’s been in his family for and the inhabitants depends on his property for the preservation of many species of birds, butterflies, etc.  He wants a buyer that will preserve the charm and substance of the house, someone that won’t over develop the land and destroy all that his grandparents lived for.

Will is a top notch Navy Seal dubbed as ‘The Escape Artist’ but he’s suffering flashbacks of a mission gone terribly badly.  He was the only survivor that came out of the mission unscathed.  He lost members of his team and another was badly injured and lost his leg.  Will has gone through a terrible trauma himself and is still suffering, but his life is about to change.  He is going to meet a little girl that is going to steal his heart and make him face his own nightmares.  One that she herself can relate too.  They will be a balm to one another’s souls and then there is her mother.  Uttt ohhhh!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Time-Travel Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Just in Time Cowboy’
by Jillie Rivers

Kelsey Winters a mining engineer in present day Mule Stop, Wyoming gets struck by lightning and is thrust back in time to 1892 to the old days of Mule Stop.  She’s landed right smack in the middle of the prairie and into the hands of Pete Jackson.  They spat, fight and try to avoid the inevitable in every romance, the big four letter word Love.  Now Kelsey doesn’t just take to this time travel stuff, she’s a strong willed modern day woman and has a hard time believing and adjusting to her present where a bouts and situation. 

Peter Jackson the son of a prominent New York banker is in Wyoming just being free and doing what He wants to do.  This is the deal he made with his father before he returns to New York and picks up his position in the family bank.  When a beautiful woman pretty much drops out of a thunderstorm, his life takes a whole different turn.

This all in all is a good book and it gets better the more you read it.  I ended up liking the characters but not so much at first.  The heroine at first to me just isn’t taking her situation as serious as you would think finding herself back in time by one hundred and twenty years.  The hero, well he was followed by a bad reputation as a ladies’ man, but I just thought he was a jerk.  But the story line is really good and the more I read the more I began to like the characters and the story line just kept getting deeper and deeper.

I did have a problem with the Indian tribe in the story.  I really don’t think Indians back in 1892 especially those not on a reservation would have been able to read and speak a fluent English but this one did.  The whole story is based on an old Indian prophecy that has been told down through the generations of the Indian tribe where they are awaiting ‘The Wise One’. 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

A Paranormal Book Review by Diana (RTAnnie)

'Immortal Flame'
by:  Jillian David

First off let me say that I could not put this book down and read it in one sitting and I was glued to my tablet.  The story line was a fresh take for me and I commend this author on her unique imagination and the ability to listen to her characters tell their story.

Peter Blackstone after surviving World War II comes home and marries the girl of his dreams.  But when she is stricken with a deadly illness he realizes that nothing can be done for her he is forced to watch her suffer to get life giving breath.  He realizes the horrors he faced in the war was nothing compared to the heartbreak he was experiencing.  Feeling that he has nowhere to turn with the fear of losing his beloved wife he makes a pact and sells his very soul to the devil.  He’s not dead but yet he is and now he is at the mercy of an unforgiving employer, Jerahmeel.  His sins are insurmountable and unforgivable in his eyes.  He’s no good to anyone and can never have the life he dreamed of having.  A wife, kids, a home it’s all gone for him.

Peter is in a deadly car crash and is taken to a local hospital where the ER Dr. Allison LaCroix desperately tries to save his life.  She soon realizes that there is something different about this man.  He’s healing at an astronomical rate, a man that should be dead.  But when she touches him she sees nothing but horrendous death, all these people whose lives are brutally wiped out.  You see, Allie has her own special ability, one that she has bore since she was ten years old.  When she touches someone skin to skin she sees death, most of the time the person’s own death.  She experiences gripping pain when this happens and she has no warning as to when this ability is going to show itself to her.

But what Allie and Peter don’t expect is the attraction that they have to one another.  Peter is a huge man, one of great power and strength and built like a brick.  Allie is a broken woman with shattered dreams trying desperately to find a way in her life to make up for the deaths that she believes is her fault.  Can these two come together in the midst of both their life altering abilities and find love? 

Regency Romance, A Scandalous Wager by Cassandra Samuels

As a reviewer for RRM I get books sometimes that are out of my period, and sometimes those that are within it. This happily was within it. Despite my criticisms below as to the historical nature, and certain other matters, as a romance, there are elements that many will find satisfying.

Yet as the historian in me looks at the work, set in the mid teens, I find little to place this in historical context. It is the Regency, George the Prince of Wales acting as Regent for his mad father. Though not till near the end do we have dates to put things in perspective and when we do have them, certain parts of history cut against the grain of time. The Opera cited was performed after the book’s time. Waltzes at balls prevalent instead of a novelty in the mid teens still something the historian in me and my research are at odds with. 1814 was the start of such at Almacks and before that, only the fast set of Devonshire practiced it privately.

I found less a couple items that took me out of the story aside from the historical mistakes, such as 'Time flies when you are having fun' an expression that seems very modern to my mind. And aside from spending a great deal of time thinking about the attitude of the ton or dropping the names of gentlemens clubs, I did not feel all that much that we were in the Regency. 

This was billed to us as the first work of the author, and that I think is where we could have seen something stronger. The author also, when Hero and Heroine are within a scene, jumps POV paragraph to paragraph. That is confusing as well.

We had only fictitious characters sprinkled about, none of true historical nature. One inhabiting a house on Grosvenor Square. Certainly a very expensive property for any of the time to inhabit. 

The plot device (I too have used the idea of a gambling as has Barbara Cartland so we are both in good company ;-) ) to bring our romance about. Here, the author started a little late in her tale I think. Especially as Ms Samuels  wanted to use her title effectively. Would not baiting the hook of this Scandalous Wager be more appropriate to set us up with the men at the betting book at White’s actually perusing the book and placing the wager. In addition such a scene, perhaps with Brummell at hand to make some snide comment, would have given us more true Regency atmosphere. Often we lose track that the wager is a thing between our lovers except at that last moment when a device is needed to force them apart. 

We also have a mystery that is to be solved, but as we search for clues, it seems that none are ever found because our sleuths are interrupted by their sexual desires. So our heroes just have a list of possible suspects. That it is not shared very much with the reader forces us to realize far too early that the criminal being sought is readily apparent. We as an audience do not have enough confusion to make it not evident. No clues are found, no red herrings are presented.

Put all that aside and we delve into the romance of the piece, for often in a bodice ripper, that is what the audience is looking for. The Plot, character development secondary. 

Here, the heroine has had a few years to separate the abuse she had at her late husband’s hands aside so that when our Hero begins to make his own amorous advances, she is ready to respond. She has doubts, but the pace for her to succumb to those advances, fans of bodice rippers, and lovemaking scenes should not find themselves disappointed. The author provides titillation and an ebb and flow to this romance that should provide sustenance, though others might have seen dangling the reward of sexual congress till the resolution of the story, which is to be the vindication of our heroine.

The flaws I have noted, that detract for me, cause me to rate this as middle of the road. I think that Ms Samuels shows promise and with work on plot and regency scene setting further developed, her work could become very strong indeed.

Reviewed by David

Available at Amazon US
At Amazon UK

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Dragon Shifter Book Review by Diana (Annie@RTA)

'Only For Her Dragon'
by: Julia Mills

What can I say; I loved this book and all the Dragon’s.  Charlie (Dr. Charlene Gallagher) is a strong very open woman and Aaron is the ultimate sexy hot Dragon shifter that’s fell under the spell of the Universe and has found his mate.

Charlie losing her parents at a very young age is brought up by adoptive parents the best any child could have and is now a prominent Doctor.  She and her best friend Sam have a good solid relationship, but Sam changed after her marriage and has been holding out some deep secrets from Charlie.  When she attends a wedding and comes face to face with a real fire breathing dragon, Charlie has to have some answers and Sam is going to spill all.  After a first kiss with the handsome Aaron, Charlie’s life, thoughts and what she thought the world around her was, is all about to change.  Can she accept the truth?  Can she open her mind to possibilities of the existence of things that are only in fairy tales?

Aaron Michael O’Brien a Dragon shifter is from the Silver Dragons has lived a hundred years and has always gave his fellow Dragon brethren a whole lot of ribbing about the sappiness when they found their mates.  He’s proclaimed himself the ultimate bachelor and will never ever become the dim witted besotted fools his friends have over a mere woman.  Ahhhh, but don’t temp fate.  The Universe has other plans, plans that were foretold long ago and it will not be denied.  Aaron has fallen and is becoming the very sick little dragon in love.