Monday, 21 October 2013

Latest Contemporary Review

Riding a Strong Wind by Robertson Tait

Reviewed by Fran.
In this diverse collection of contemporary short stories and that of a novelette, a romantic whirlwind takes hold to whisk a reader through airport lounges, sporting activities, and a scary adventure as the varied and delightful stories unfold. From Amsterdam to Rome to Scotland and notable beach resorts: the journey brings to life the places; the scenery and atmosphere; the-eyes-across-the-room scenarios; and of course love, the ever enduring ingredient for any great romance novel. All the stories equal merit in their own right, and my particular favourites happened to be that of Barra (Scotland) and the Amalfi incident (not unlike a return visit for moi to the delights and perils of this region), but which of these delightful stories will stand out for you and make you laugh, near cry or just sigh? This is a perfect book for beach, late night, or coffee break reading.