Monday, 6 July 2015

A Regency Romance Review


A Regency Review by Diana (RTAnnie)

Gwen and Sebastian are both strong characters but both with a family past that will rear its head to thwart their budding love and fated marriage.  Gwen a woman with her own mind but bound to be a dutiful daughter is distraught when her controlling father announces that his health is failing and has arranged a loveless marriage to a man that she detests.  As fate steps in and Sebastian comes back into her life her heart is torn.  She and Sebastian grew up playing together as kids and meet by chance in a crowded ballroom and renew their lifelong friendship.  But love sometimes comes with a price.  Is this price too much to pay?  Can they get past the deceit that comes alive with an overbearing powerful father?

Sebastian sees Gwen across a crowded room and is instantly smitten with her.  What he doesn’t realize is that this is the same little Gwen that used to follow him and her older brother around when they were kids.  She has grown into a beautiful, sensuous woman and he has to have her.  They renew their friendship and Sebastian is determined to make her his, the only problem is, her father has arranged a marriage between her and a Scot but that is not going to stop Sebastian, he will make her his at any cost.  And he does!  But it comes with a huge cost, one that may destroy their young love in its tracks.

This story was a breath of fresh air for me as I’ve been on Paranormal now for the last six books or so, this was a good read.  I loved the characters of Gwen and Sebastian although I got a little perturbed with Gwen being so hell bent on being the dutiful daughter and falling for her father’s deceptions.  But when you consider the time period, women were like that in those days.

The book flows freely and will keep you on your seat edge.  There is deception and love in the story and the author brings it all together to make it all work.  I especially liked Gwen’s brother Tristan, his character is well rounded and he is very protective over his twin sister.  I would like to read Tristan’s story just to see where fate takes him and with whom.  I have my ideas but I could be wrong.

The editing was fairly good, there were some punctuation issues in the book but that was about it.  It didn’t deter my reading or take from the story line, but as the case of an eBook freebie, it happens, but I’ve definitely seen worse. 

The author has a good knack at listening to her characters unfold their story, this one has a lot of deception from Gwen’s father but this author uses the deception in a way that will lead you through the story wondering just what the hell is going on here.  I would recommend this book to any Regency fan.