Sunday, 6 November 2016

Edwardian Romance & Murder Mystery

Reviewed by Fran - short & sweet because it's a murder mystery, and I don't want to give away the clues.

.A murder mystery set against the backdrop of a trans-Atlantic cruise ship was too intriguing to miss, and I’m glad I didn’t let this one slip to the bottom of my TBR Kindle list for a “come-to-read” at a later date. The lead characters victims as well as suspects set the tone of the era and its social mores, whilst the cleverly constructed mystery aspect holds throughout and comes to light at the very end. Albeit I had my suspicions in respect of one murder, and felt vindicated at the outcome, the second murderous villain escaped my notice, and that’s how a murder mystery should be: undetectable and intriguing. While this is a delightful cosy murder mystery in the vein of Miss Marple aboard ship, likewise it has an overall genteel ambience veiling sinister undertones! A lovely read.