Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Great Story by Dorothy Wiley - 'Whispering Hills of Love'


A Review by Diana (RTAnnie)

Kelly McGuffin has been through a horrific trauma one that’s age old to women throughout the world.  Suffering a rape by two unsuspecting men Kelly is rescued by two of the Wylie brothers and leaves her remote mountain home to travel to Boonesborough to a new life.  Kelly is although she is sorting through her traumatized and demeaning affair she is a strong minded young woman and looking forward to a better life and just maybe someone that will take the demons from her dreams.

Sheriff William Wiley was instantly drawn to the traumatized Kelly when he and his brother happen upon a small cabin tucked away in the mountains where he finds two men raping the young girl.  They quickly put away the rapists and secure Kelly with their traveling family en route to a new life in Kentucky.  William, a single, ladies sort of man has been one that loves all the women with his blond locks and good looks he’s never settled down to just one woman.  He’s not sure that he can until Kelly McGuffin comes into his life.  Williams is bound by the law acting as Sheriff in the town of Boonesborough and studying law to eventually become a lawyer, his heart is fatefully tied to the blond haired beauty that he and his brother rescued.

This book is another winner from Dorothy Wiley and the third one I’ve read.  I just love this series and this one in particular as the author touches on the subject of rape, it through her depth of the subject gives women who has suffered a traumatic event like this a sense of hope.  True love can overcome the inner demons that women face after a brutal invasion of their body and soul.  I think the author has broached a subject that victims of rape need to know, that life does go on and there are good men out there that can help their minds to heal in a healthy way through endearing and continuing love of life.

All the books in this series is a ‘I can’t put it down’ kind of story.  The characters are well rounded good pioneer Americans trying to carve out their lives in a harsh and dangerous time in our American history.  This story will grab you from the beginning and keep you immersed in the lives of the characters throughout to the end.  I wish the book would have been a little bit longer myself and it didn’t have a big event life event like the other two I read but none the less this book delves into the courage of a young woman through her traumatic past has overcome her fears and rid herself of her demons through the love of a good man.

I highly recommend this book to all ages and of course I’m a big fan of the historical Western era especially the Pioneers of the time period that built the towns and communities that eventually have become the great western cities that we know today.  These people suffered through trials that we today cannot even fathom and their endurance and inner strength have overcome obstacles that have triumphed throughout time.  But I do suggest that you read the books in order so you’ll get the whole story of this family.

I’m giving this book an RT rating of five stars just like I did the other books in this series and the cover, well it just didn’t do that much for me but it’s still a very nice cover and goes hand to hand with the two main characters, I give it a four heart rating.