Sunday, 2 August 2015

A Review by Diana (RT Annie)


A Medieval Romance Review by Diana

This is a definite four star read for me.  I loved the story line and the characters are likeable and easy to identify with.  I’m not all that familiar with the historical accuracy of the medieval time period so I have to always rely on the author’s knowledge and how he/she relays the historical facts.  But it seemed like this author has done her homework and research.

Martine of Rouen the heroine of the story, an illegitimate child of a Baron and her mother after cast aside from her lover commits suicide.  Martine as a very young girl finds her mother floating in a lake and thus brings on a continuous nightly nightmare that follows her throughout the years.  Her half-brother Father Rainulf finds her and assumes responsibility for her giving her good descent upbringing and education somewhat befitting a Nobleman’s child.  She is so beholden to her brother she would do anything to repay his kindness even to the point of marrying a man she has never laid eyes upon.  After all women in those days did not have much of a say as to whom they were betrothed too and most times were married off as convenience in lieu of property and or social status with the realm.

Sir Thorne Falconer a landless knight and a good friend of Rainulf arranges a marriage for Martine to a second son of a wealthy landowner.  But when Thorne lays eyes upon the fair Martine he is instantly drawn to her as she is to him.  They both try desperately to fight this attraction but as we all know fate always plays a big part of our lives.  In recompense for this arranged marriage Sir Thorne is promised his own land, something that he has never had but always strived for and the most important thing in his life.  He doesn’t believe in love and even though he’s no stranger to women he never let himself take that fall.

This book moves at a good pace and there is always something going on, with twists, turns and surprises in the lives of Martine and Thorne.  The love scenes are sensual passionate and steamy but very cleanly written.  The editing was very good; I only remember one place where there was a mix up of words.
The only thing that bothered me with this book, there is so much detail throughout the story and the story itself is deep until the end, then it just stops.  I felt I was left hanging, like, ok, where is the rest of the ending.  The author put so much into the story and just stops writing.  It was very disappointing to me.

If it weren’t for the ending it would have been a five star rating from me, but as it is, I’m only giving it a four star rating from RT.  The cover I liked very much as it’s in line with the storyline and it gets a five heart rating from me.