Reviewer Guidelines

Be respectful of the time authors put into writing a book. The most important aspect about reviewing is to remember it's just your personal opinion and a reflection of you as a person - true insight to your nature!

Keep reviews to around 400 -600 words approx. 
No spoilers!!
Enclose a front cover image
Link to point of sale 
Link to author blog and or website if details are provided.

If you didn't like a novel due to obscene content, badly written and or didn't finish it, please do not write a review, or resort to a mild warning for others is sufficient, such as, "there are violent episodes" --- "There are explicit sex scenes" but that is all that need be said. Let's be honest caveat emptor applies here, because readers are responsible for selecting the books they choose to read, and categorisations such as Steamy, Erotic, Military, Murder Mystery are pretty much self-explanatory in terms of content, are they not?   

Some readers go ape-shit when they encounter typos or a few grammatical blips within a Indie novel, and thence review a mainstream conventionally published novel that is riddled with the aforementioned and not a word of complaint!  This is where double-standards and book snobbery enters play - please do not become a pariah reviewer of Indie novels.  

Add a reviewer note as add-on to your review in order to point out any historical inaccuracy or something that threw you out of the story, but do it in a kindly manner.

No reviews are edited by admin. Reviews are entirely the opinion of the reviewer.

Thank you

Oh, and don't forget to post the Magazine's banner to your blog.

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