Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Time-Travel Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Just in Time Cowboy’
by Jillie Rivers

Kelsey Winters a mining engineer in present day Mule Stop, Wyoming gets struck by lightning and is thrust back in time to 1892 to the old days of Mule Stop.  She’s landed right smack in the middle of the prairie and into the hands of Pete Jackson.  They spat, fight and try to avoid the inevitable in every romance, the big four letter word Love.  Now Kelsey doesn’t just take to this time travel stuff, she’s a strong willed modern day woman and has a hard time believing and adjusting to her present where a bouts and situation. 

Peter Jackson the son of a prominent New York banker is in Wyoming just being free and doing what He wants to do.  This is the deal he made with his father before he returns to New York and picks up his position in the family bank.  When a beautiful woman pretty much drops out of a thunderstorm, his life takes a whole different turn.

This all in all is a good book and it gets better the more you read it.  I ended up liking the characters but not so much at first.  The heroine at first to me just isn’t taking her situation as serious as you would think finding herself back in time by one hundred and twenty years.  The hero, well he was followed by a bad reputation as a ladies’ man, but I just thought he was a jerk.  But the story line is really good and the more I read the more I began to like the characters and the story line just kept getting deeper and deeper.

I did have a problem with the Indian tribe in the story.  I really don’t think Indians back in 1892 especially those not on a reservation would have been able to read and speak a fluent English but this one did.  The whole story is based on an old Indian prophecy that has been told down through the generations of the Indian tribe where they are awaiting ‘The Wise One’. 

The story has its bad guys and the author does include some historical facts, now whether they are fictional I don’t know but it worked with the story.  The editing is good, nothing popped at me while reading.  In the end I liked the characters they were real and had real feelings and dreams of what they wanted out of life from the past into the present day. 

I liked the way the author moved with the story it flows good with a strong sound story line and writing.  I would most definitely recommend this book.  Some will like it some will not but in my eyes it was a good book.

I’m only giving this book a four star rating mainly because of the historical facts of the Indians.  This tribe was not on a reservation and according to the story had not really had contact with the people of the area.  So how could they speak and read English?  The cover is a four heart, I like it and I don’t.