Monday, 29 June 2015

A Paranormal Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Harvest Moon’ (Night Hunters Book 1)
by:  Helena Shaw

Jennifer at eighteen has run away from home and a powerful abusive step-father on the run she ends up in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains.  She has changed her hair color, her eye color and her new name is now Dawn, working as a waitress in a small local bar.  When a flurry of murder begins happening to young blond haired women the little town is set upon by not only the local police but FBI agents and a gruff bunch of hunters all hunting for the so-called bear that they believe to be behind the attacks.  

As the authorities are dubbing this as a ‘bear attack’, there is one agent that has other beliefs. Jase is just not in line with the rest of the law, he’s special and not who he says he is.  Dawn is just trying to lay low and not call any attention to herself when one night her co-worker and friend disappears and has yet to be found.  She is suddenly thrust into the middle of the investigation side by side with the dark and mysterious Jase, a hunter of the paranormal.

This is an awesome book that I couldn’t put down.  It literally kept me on the seat of the couch while I was reading the story of Dawn and Jase.  There is so much suspense waiting for a bear to strike or wolf or whatever is going on, you’re just not sure, but you’re glued to the pages.  I loved the characters of Dawn and Jase, they were real people, both with secrets and are finding that they are drawn to one another by fate which is all powerful in the matters of the heart.

This author tells the story in a way that it flows good, no lull time, there is always something going on and she brings in minor characters that will have you baffled as to who is doing what.  Is it a bear, or a wolf?  That’s the BIG question!

The editing was good with no major problems, the book is easy to read.  Not a lot of historical value though and the only thing that kind of bothered me was a twenty year old Dawn drinks like a fish which I found to be a little disconcerting, buy hey this is fiction and being from the West Virginia mountains myself, people’s drinking habits are not new to me.  Shameful to say but its life and it does happen to even the younger set.

But all in all I was very pleased with the book and the style of writing by Helena Shaw.  You could tell she is in touch with her characters and told their story superbly.

I give this book an RT Rating of 5 stars and the cover 3 hearts.  I will definitely read more from this author.