Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Review Paranormal Review by Diana (RTAnnie)


‘Hunted - Tiger Billionaire’ – Book One
by:  Suki Selborne

Finola is having a terrible bad Friday night and it all starts with a phone call from her agency asking her to go into work for a late night shift with the CEO.  Finola needs the cash so she agrees, but in the parking lot of work she is set upon by unknown men forcing her into her vehicle when a white tiger appears out of nowhere and saves her from danger in the hands of kidnappers.  When she gets herself together she heads for her building to call for the police when she runs smack dab into a hot, sexy, well endowed naked man.  After a wild sex event in the elevator she realizes that the naked man is none other than Sebastian Chase, the CEO of the bank itself.  A billionaire in his own right from old family money and a shape shifter.

Sebastian Chase, a billionaire comes from a long line of banking magnets but he has a dark secret that his family has carried for centuries.  He’s a tiger shapeshifter, a very rare DNA that carries the gene of the white tiger.  He’s built like a well defined Greek God statue, sexy as hell and very generous in the manly parts.  He has by fate’s hands been blessed with his mate and he’s going to protect her at all costs.  There are a group of bad people after him and now that fate has thrown Finola into his life as his mate, they will go after her to get to him.

I’ve read some of the other reviews on this book, but I have to tell you, I thought this was generic writing; it just didn’t grab me like it did other readers.  This first book is extremely short and will not give you a lot of anything.  But everyone has their own tastes.  I liked the story line but Finola first of all is a very loose gal, I mean come on, you have sex with an unknown man after knowing him just maybe thirty minutes.  She’s very naive and quick to drop her drawers.  Sebastian, well what can I say, he’s a man, a hot blooded make that will poke anything that crosses his path and is willing.  That’s just my take!

I can say the editing is good for what it’s worth, but the author just did not have any depth into this first book.  Not enough details for me, but some would call this mystery, I call it lack thereof and probably the shortest book review i've ever done.  Just not enough to write about.

I cannot in all honesty recommend this book, I will not read anymore of the series and therefore I’m only giving this book a one star RT rating.  The cover however is beautiful, I love the white tiger and the male model is definitely hot and built to the story.  With that I give the cover a four heart rating from RT.

Now, it’s up to you to make a decision to take a chance on this first book and make your own judgment.