Friday, 26 June 2015

A Contemporary Review - by Diana (RTAnnie)

Wind Chime Café (Wind Chime, #1)
‘Wind Chime Cafe’
 Book 1
by: Sophie Moss

Annie Malone a single mother of a little girl that has gone through the most horrific trauma that a child should never ever have to experience has decided to leave D.C. and move somewhere quiet where her and her little girl can get some much needed reprieve from hounding reporters..  She and her daughter move to Heron Island off the Maryland coast where she plans to live her dream.  She purchases a little café with an apartment above where she has plans of opening a fancy French restaurant (bistro) on the auspice that a big time hotel company is purchasing property to build a fancy high dollar resort.  She can hardly wait after all the years of saving she has finally taken the big step into ownership and management.

But we all know that often times the best laid plans go to squat when fate steps in and changes the events and path of our lives.  Annie has no clue what she has gotten herself into on Heron Island but she’s about to find out that the powers to be have other plans for her life and that of her little daughter.

Will Dozier has no intentions of selling his grandparents home on the little sleepy Heron Island.  It’s been in his family for and the inhabitants depends on his property for the preservation of many species of birds, butterflies, etc.  He wants a buyer that will preserve the charm and substance of the house, someone that won’t over develop the land and destroy all that his grandparents lived for.

Will is a top notch Navy Seal dubbed as ‘The Escape Artist’ but he’s suffering flashbacks of a mission gone terribly badly.  He was the only survivor that came out of the mission unscathed.  He lost members of his team and another was badly injured and lost his leg.  Will has gone through a terrible trauma himself and is still suffering, but his life is about to change.  He is going to meet a little girl that is going to steal his heart and make him face his own nightmares.  One that she herself can relate too.  They will be a balm to one another’s souls and then there is her mother.  Uttt ohhhh!

I have to say that I’m am totally bass ackwards on this series.  I read the second book before the first and thanks to the author they are both a standalone so I was able to swim through the first book like I did the second.  This author is fabulous and I love her clean style of telling a story.  The characters are just so real to life and they will draw you into their lives as soon as you start reading.  The way the author describes the island and the scenery, I swear I could see it in my mind’s eye and longed to live in a quiet peaceful setting that the author relays through her writing.

The editing is very good; actually in both books it was good.  The story flows at a good pace, there’s not lull time, no hang-ups, and you will not get bored as there is always something going on with the main and secondary characters.  There is just one scene that involves sex and it is so full of tenderness and passion I could feel the budding spark of love between the two lovers igniting.  I love this about this author; she’s a clean writer that doesn’t focus just on sex.  My hat is off to Sophie Moss and I highly recommend this book and series to any age of romance reader.

I’m giving this book a whopping five (5) stars.  The cover, well it just didn’t do much for me, to plain in my eyes but because I like the book so much I’m still going to give it a three (3) heart rating.  Do yourself a favor and read this series, you will not be disappointed and I can’t wait to read more books from this author

Be sure to catch my review on the second book in this series, but I can't post the review until the release date of June 30, 2015.  So definitely follow along with the blog i'll be putting it up next week