Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Dragon Shifter Book Review by Diana (Annie@RTA)

'Only For Her Dragon'
by: Julia Mills

What can I say; I loved this book and all the Dragon’s.  Charlie (Dr. Charlene Gallagher) is a strong very open woman and Aaron is the ultimate sexy hot Dragon shifter that’s fell under the spell of the Universe and has found his mate.

Charlie losing her parents at a very young age is brought up by adoptive parents the best any child could have and is now a prominent Doctor.  She and her best friend Sam have a good solid relationship, but Sam changed after her marriage and has been holding out some deep secrets from Charlie.  When she attends a wedding and comes face to face with a real fire breathing dragon, Charlie has to have some answers and Sam is going to spill all.  After a first kiss with the handsome Aaron, Charlie’s life, thoughts and what she thought the world around her was, is all about to change.  Can she accept the truth?  Can she open her mind to possibilities of the existence of things that are only in fairy tales?

Aaron Michael O’Brien a Dragon shifter is from the Silver Dragons has lived a hundred years and has always gave his fellow Dragon brethren a whole lot of ribbing about the sappiness when they found their mates.  He’s proclaimed himself the ultimate bachelor and will never ever become the dim witted besotted fools his friends have over a mere woman.  Ahhhh, but don’t temp fate.  The Universe has other plans, plans that were foretold long ago and it will not be denied.  Aaron has fallen and is becoming the very sick little dragon in love.

I absolutely love Charlie and Aaron’s characters.  Charlie is a strong minded doctor and like any doc she tends to always look for the sensible, scientific way of things.  That is until she in introduced to the wonders of the unexplained.  Aaron the lovesick dragon that he is is hilarious.  He’s constantly thinking about Charlie, he plants flowers secretly in her yard; he stands guard all through the night under her bedroom window.  Ahh, he knows she’s his mate that the Universe is never wrong but he has to convince her but he’s so afraid and of course all his dragon buddies are ribbing him telling him to go for it, get on with it and stop stalling.

The author moves along with this book it does not drag.  However I do wish I had read the previous books leading to this one.  It is a standalone and will give you some general history of the previous, but I liked the story line so well that I will go back and read the entire series leading to this book 6.  The editing is good, there were only a couple places that I though could have had some attention, but then when I re-read the sentence I realized it was the author’s use of words.  My boo boo!  All the sub characters are really cool and funny, there were time I laughed out loud at some of the antics of the group.  But all the shifters by book 6 have already found their mates and seem to be healthy loving families.  You have it all in this book, the good the bad, the mystical; the entire fairy tale will come alive as you read.

I loved the style of this author, she’s witty, serious, and there is action and talk about the hot sensual sex.  Wow, making out with a dragon seems to be the bomb.  Hmmm, I wonder, you think I could find my dragon?  I’d sure give it a try after reading this story.  Yes, the sex is explicit but the book doesn’t totally focus on the sex, its more fate playing the role to bring to people together for the better good of the Universe.  More loving and a lot of tenderness between the two main characters. 

I will definitely read more from this author especially this particular series.  I’ve not read a whole lot of Dragon shifters but what I have read I’ve always liked.  They represent the good, fierce in their devotion and strong in their might and will.

I highly recommend this book to adults, I don't think it's suitable for the younger crowd as the sex is explicit.