Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Latest Contemporary Review - Silver Rain

Purchased Novel Reviewed by Francine.

Silver Rain is another entertaining read from Jan Ruth’s stable of Welsh based novels. Essentially this is Al’s story, and that of the women in his life.
Al, poor love, has entered the male menopause where his mirrored reflection tells a story all its own, and several questions need answers: How in hell did life pass by so damn quick? And, why don’t relationships come with a red caveat tag? = "think before you leap astride a two-legged filly" Even so, divorce is not the death nell: is it?
Albeit affairs can cause bitterness and result in a cold bed, the old saying, “plenty of fish in the sea” doesn’t exactly lure mermaids forth from the depths of Al’s latent desires. And yet, hope eternal is not to be dismissed. For there’s a third question: do angels exist? They must, because when Kate is cast before him, he’s smitten. What of the caveat, though? Kate has her own personal demons, and dare Al hope he can be her ultimate solace? There are plenty of giggle moments and sad reflections in Silver Rain, in which fiction can seem almost too real.