Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Latest Contemporary Novel - Wind Chime Cafe.


Reviewed by Francine
Wind Chimes and serviettes are the stuff of dreams for Annie Malone, and while a long-held dream of having her own swish restaurant is almost within her grasp, nothing is quite as it seems. Can she turn a new home into  a heavenly retreat? Surely, bad things that happen in life can be made better?

With tragedy and trauma in Taylor’s past, Annie is sorely in need of security and peace of mind for her eight-year-old daughter. Convinced the backwater life of a Chesapeake Bay island will afford anonymity, and assist in healing Taylor’s tortured mind, they forsake the city and embrace the life of small town America. After all, there’s a saying “money breeds money” and if the owner of a posh hotel chain sees gold in building a holiday resort on Heron Island, Annie is equally happy to benefit from incoming tourists.
Annie and Taylor are far from alone in seeking sanctuary on Heron Island. Will Dozier, a Navy SEAL, has just returned to his roots after an arduous and deadly deployment to Afghanistan. Although he’s suffering horrific flashbacks and nightmares, Will refuses to believe he’s a victim of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And when living alone with a dog for company, stepping out for meals becomes a pleasant habit. More so, when the proprietor of your favourite eating place stirs something within that simply won’t go away. Has fate brought Annie and Will together? It looks that way, but sometimes, just sometimes hell is waiting round the next corner. Both Annie and Will are forced to face demons from their respective pasts, but can they share the future?
Award winning author, Sophie Moss, has brought small town America to life in conveying sense of time and place within a close community. After all, where everyone knows or is related to the next person, secrets never stay secret for very long. Through the medium of intermittent and unobtrusive flashbacks, the reader is given insight to past events that have marred and scarred the main characters’ lives.  
Wind Chimes Café is a thoroughly enjoyable and a rather poignant story of love found along life's path. There is a bonus factor to this book with a golden opportunity for reader participation at Sophie’s web site. Read the book to find out what is entailed, though I’ll give you a clue: Restaurant!