Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Latest Contemporary Novel -- Broken

Reviewed by Katie.

Having just lost his twin brother during a special ops mission, Mitch heads to his brother’s source of solace, Jessie.  Observing this special woman from a distance, he sees another side of the woman his brother revered.  The sorrow and anxiety he sees haunting Jessie as she so obviously waits for his brother’s return brings a plan of noble intentions - and predictable results - whereby Jessie will have an opportunity for closure and Mitch will maybe experience some of that mystical healing power Jessie possesses.
A story of assumed identity made me afraid of this book before the end of the first chapter.  When Jessie mistakes Mitch for her lover I laughed out loud.  I expected a denouncement; instead she was enchanted by the differences.  When Mitch later justifies wallowing in her delight with, “honesty didn’t seem nearly as important as taking her back to bed…” I really wanted to excuse myself from the remainder of the book.  However, lips twitching, I kept reading and wasn’t disappointed.  Jessie wasn’t an idiot and Mitch wasn’t an emotional vagrant.  They were both broken, just as the title proclaims, by commitment to a man that was larger than life.
Ms. Reeves gives us a pleasant trail of suspended reality perfect for the end of a long day.  The presence of the brother in the form of journal entries instead of a magic wand gives it a fairy tale feel.  Taking a traditional route of assumed identity and ‘oh what a tangled web we weave…” with a few pot holes of conflict along the way make this tale safely predictable.  If you’re looking for a well paced read to wash away the chill of winter or the bark of the boss, Broken should do nicely.