Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the old Review Blog, and we are GO!

Hi, I'm Francine, I did in the early days help this blog to get underway by offering one of the first books for review, but that was several years back when Suzy first established RRM. I also contributed as a guest book reviewer, then I became an in-house reviewer for a while, and stepped up as admin during a personal crisis moment for Suzy, I then stepped away again when Suzy returned.  Over the years, the blog has had several different admins in charge but this time the blog has been handed over lock-stock and barrel to my hands. It will either fly or perch on a virtual branch somewhere along the Super Highway and wile away time forever.  

So please support the blog as best you can by providing books for review and by offering to become a reviewer, or just join the blog and post reviews of fellow authors books! Each reviewer will have a direct link to their own blogs inserted in the side column! 

The Blog is now Associated with the 
Regency Authors and Readers FaceBook Group  and other historical groups.  

I will say this, hurtful and disparaging reviews will not be tolerated on this blog - if a book hasn't met with reader expectations it is best to say nowt, else it reflects badly on the reviewer. 

Of course there are always elements within books that can make some readers cringe, i.e. extreme violence, explicit sex etc., and when that happens a mild warning for others is sufficient, such as, "there are violent episodes" --- "There are explicit sex scenes" but that is all that need be said. And let's be honest caveat emptor applies here, because readers are responsible for selecting the books they choose to read, and categorisations such as Steamy, Erotic, Military, Murder Mystery are pretty much self-explanatory in terms of content, are they not?   

Some readers go ape-shit when they encounter typos or a few grammatical blips within a Indie novel, and thence review a mainstream conventionally published novel that is riddled with the aforementioned and not a word of complaint!  This is where double-standards and book snobbery enters play. 

The most important aspect about writing reviews is to remember it's just your opinion and a reflection of you as a person - true insight to your nature!