Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hilarious Regency.

Reviewed by Francine

Hilarity abounds in this sweet tale of love and romance, in which Charlotte and Elizabeth Richmond are elated by the good fortune of both having acquired a beau. Likewise Thomas and Robert, the best of friends, are utterly smitten by the young sisters, and all seems bright and beautiful and the path ahead strewn with love and romance. But a few sage, or could it be embittered words, from an aged aunt, and the girls are cast into uncertainty and fears of male infidelity. Equally, young Thomas and Richard receive sage, or could it be mischievous advice, thus all the young lovers are cast into a pickle reminiscent of French Farce, and despite the simplicity and predictability of this little tale, it’s a giggle read from start to finish! 

This isn’t a novella that strikes one as period specific, but that really doesn’t matter all that much because it is a parody of historical romance, and the “errors” aspect is classic farce. Besides, if one stops to think seriously about Jane Austen’s novels, what was Elizabeth Bennet but a caricature of fickle female? And Emma too, a blind romancing matchmaker who couldn’t see love staring her in the face!