Saturday, 15 April 2017

Romantic Regency Murder Mystery

Reviewed by Francine. 

A murder, a mystery, and a dashing Bow Street Runner; a reunion between estranged once youthful lovers is inevitable. Thus a thrilling series of romantic ideals and bitter recriminations arise from the sudden and unexpected death of Lady Scarlett Sherwood’s husband. She naturally assumes her former female guile and the winning of Owen Steel’s heart cannot possibly have waned, and Owen Steel is equally determined he will not fall foul of Scarlett’s charms for a second time. Hence a war of conflict arises as dire events unfold and the plot thickens.

Well aware of his place in society, that hard lesson learned in prior mad pursuit of Scarlett, Owen now wields power of a kind that can and may cost her dear and result in her ladyship either hanging from a gibbet, or the indignity of transportation to a far distant colony. Indeed Owen as good as revels in the prospect of embittered revenge, and Scarlett, although in more peril than she seems cognisant to, the pair are consumed with thoughts revolving around hedonistic romance and breathless moments of a time past, whilst brief momentary encounters cause racing pulses and throbbing groins. Needless to say, detection of the murderous villain slips to the shadows amidst the carnage of broken hearts, the healing of friendships with other characters, and the re-blossoming of romance. With a Will They, Won’t They plot (?) we are giving an intriguing romantic thread throughout, and the twist in the tale adds for a shock finale! A good read!

Jillian rates this in terms of heat level: Sensuality - Warm/bordering on hot.