Thursday, 19 November 2015

Latest Swashbuckling Historical Novel

Reviewed by Nigella.
At first I did wonder if this novel would fit the criteria readers expect from a romance novel. On balance violent battle scenes steal a march on romance to begin with so does the heroic romanticism of a troop in Cromwell’s New Model Army. In spite of my initial concerns, glimmer of a budding romance does begin to emerge. The tragedy of this story develops with heartfelt love bordering on the breaking of religious dictate to do with acts of immorality, but every good story requires a twist in the tale and this book has many exciting twists. When all is said and done this is a novel to do with soldiers who yearn for peace while bracing themselves in readiness to do battle. There is historical merit and vivid detail within the novel and of all the characters, and there are many worthy of mention, Lucifer Pettit stands out as a fine young man who ends up bedevilled by his namesake. I confess I find it difficult to applaud overt use of coarse language inside a book boys may be drawn to. However, on the plus side the narrative is fast paced. The action scenes are nail-bitingly real and the secret masquerade is somewhat amusing. I rate the book a Historical Adventure Novel with a little romance.