Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Review by Diana - A Romantic Comedy


‘Just Marred Again’
By: Charlotte Hughes

What a little powerhouse of a story.  This book was a breath of fresh air for me as two about to be divorcees happen upon one another along with a thirteen year old teenager in a remote cabin in the hills of North Carolina in the middle of a winter snow storm.  Now did they just happen to be at the same place, same time, or did fate step in and take control of a mistake waiting to happen?  Big question…

Michael Kelly, a young lawyer making his way up in a very prestigious law firm Smyth -McGraw in Charlotte, NC, is all about his job, getting ahead, providing a good life for his young wife, his ultimate goal to make partner in the law firm.  Working seventy and eighty hour weeks, he makes the ultimate mistake of leaving his young wife at home by herself, casting her aside leaving her alone to her own devices.

Maddy Kelly, a vivacious young fitness instructor/trainer is totally in love with her husband but the marriage is falling apart.  She eats alone, wakes up alone and goes to bed alone her husband totally ignoring her needs and their marriage.  After a miscarriage she can’t take it anymore and she leaves him determined to make a better life for herself, one where she matters only if to herself.  Anything would be better than the lonely existence she's endured for the last five years of her marriage.  She takes some much needed time off over the Thanksgiving holiday and decides to spend some time at a little cabin her and her husband still own.  She loads up her two little dogs, lots’ of food and firewood and sets off, heedless of an approaching winter storm.  When she is awaken in the late of night to find a man coming through the front door she boinks him over the head with the fireplace poker only to realize that it’s her soon to be ex-husband. 

Now the fun begins between these two misguided lovers and fate is determined to get these two love lost people back on the right track.  But can fate really step in and change our lives?  Can fate put us back on the right path of life?  You’ll find out!

I loved this little story, it’s not real long but the characters have depth and will grab you from the first page as the author regales a humorous tale of two lovers that have lost their way. The story line moves well, it’s easy to follow and the editing is great.  There's a little deception, clean humor, and in the mix of hopes and dreams you have a very perceptive teenager.  It’s a refreshing clean read, very little sex in the story but just enough that you’ll feel the love radiating from the characters.  I highly recommend this book and will promote it as much as possible on my own sites.  My hat is off to this author, for a successful story.