Friday, 29 August 2014

Latest Guest Review - A Sweet Regency


Reviewed by Francine.

Make no mistake this is a 'sweet' romance in the traditional vein of Regency novels bearing chaste content. Albeit Sophie (the heroine) has led a relatively free and adventurous lifestyle within the protective custody of her doting father, and that of young officers at her father's Jamaican garrison, she is nonetheless a well brought up young lady. Her father's death comes as a double blow, for her loss is hard to bear and her fate suddenly lies within the hands of Sir Charles Wentworth who resides in England.
Upon arrival in London her worst fears are realised. It is made quite clear to Sophie - by Sir Charles' sister - that her presence is an encumbrance to the family, which duly bodes ill for conviviality and sense of belonging. And of course, flights of a romantic bent in the direction of Arthur Wentworth (the eldest son) or his brother Henry, will not be tolerated.
Lady Fate (chance, luck, call it what you will) has other ideas, and whilst Sophie's heart flutters, and young gentlemen warm to her charms, the Wentworth household is turned on its axis, and Sophie takes flight. Thus romance has blossomed in wrong quarters, hearts have been torn as affections waver, and an elopement sets precedence for shameful recriminations. All in all, Jericho's Child lives up to a good old fashioned Regency caper. It's a lovely and lively read.