Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Latest Contemporary Review - On the cusp of going Historical

Reviewed by Nigella.

The novel is set in 1940 and 1950s post war USA. I wouldn’t in normal circumstances read a contemporary novel about post war America. But I loved it. The boy who sets the scene and brings hometown America to life is a delightful child. He loves his mom Hilde and dad Martin, who were wartime lovers. Unfortunately war leaves scars and their relationship is not as might be as a married couple. It’s a familiar story of love in wartime, and while Hilde must accept she stole a cheating husband from his wife she knows she can lose him in exactly the same way. Hilde does lose Martin and when she and Huey set out to build a new life far from Martin’s influence, she takes a job in a local diner. Ironically a similar situation has left Patrick West all alone and Patrick frequents the diner. Soon Hilde and Patrick find common ground. But the old saying ‘once bitten twice shy’ poses a major problem. The happy ever becomes a hard won affair for Hilde when ex partners step back into their lives. I really did like this story. Flashbacks from the present to the past flowed well, and all to the benefit of the reader. However, there are a few problems with past and present tenses within the text which could be ironed out with a little minor editing.