Monday, 20 January 2014

Latest Contemporary Review - Hiding from Hollywood

Reviewed by Charlotte.
Hollywood beckons for Abby Richards as it does for a lot of young hopefuls who dream of the glitz and glamour of starring in a BIG movie. A household name back home in Great Britain, Abby has walked away from a long-running television series. Sadly Abby’s experience of Hollywood has been dire. She blames herself for senseless naiveté in trusting others who exploit young starlets by devious means. The shame and degradation of her Hollywood experience threatens any chance of Abby regaining her acting career. She lives in dread of tabloid journalists discovering her whereabouts. Hiding out as a waitress in a downtown diner her hope is to remain anonymous. One customer though. The wrong customer and she could be exposed. When Ethan Walker walks through the diner door Abby senses the day of exposure has arrived He’s as bold and tenacious as a tabloid journalist. Ethan knows who she is. He’s been searching for her. Abby feels vulnerable. Ethan is not as imagined and little does Abby know her life can turn full circle if only she can bear to trust him. He does his best to make her see reason and listen to what he has to offer. Has her big chance to star in a movie finally come true or is the offer a ploy to exploit her as happened before? Trust being a two-way gamble Ethan lays his heart on the line. His intentions are honourable and it is up to Abby if she wants a grand HEA ending. I liked this novella, liked it a lot. It‘s well-written and nicely paced.