Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Latest Historical Romance


Reviewed by Francine

This is a fast paced romance and the author avoids the pitfalls of tedious blow-by-blow accounts of domesticity and duly throws the reader into the emotional world of a young love-struck teenage Danielle, and of Marie who with the gift of foresight predicts heartache for Danielle in the near future. And true enough the love of Danielle’s life, Etienne Blouin, an honourable young man whom recognises her willingness to succumb to his inner desires is tempted by her blossoming charms. With much regret and steel resolve he knows he must walk away for he cannot dare ask for her hand nor provide for her in the manner to which she is due.
The story then leaps forward ten years, and Danielle de Cherbourg is living a privileged and extravagant lifestyle of a countess, or is she? Nothing is quite as it seems for her husband’s seedy murder reveals the extent of his gambling debts, and although Danielle is forced to don widow’s weeds her heart has always pined for Etienne. Unbeknown to Danielle, Etienne returns to honour a promise made in secret and willingly steps up to pay her husband’s debts. Vexed by his seeming indifference and heart again broken, to her chagrin her aunt has set in motion an arranged marriage to a man Danielle despises. But, whilst travelling by coshe highwaymen save her from the plight of her impending marriage only to cast her into another more terrifying likelihood and dark void of unconsciousness. Upon her awakening aboard ship she fears the worst, and believes the captain is a trader of white slaves to the Turks: a fate worse than death. So is her doom that of a sex slave to a Turkish merchant or Sultan? Buy the book and find out.