Thursday, 19 September 2013

Latest Chick-Lit

Reviewed by Francine
In this Christmas Romance novella seasonal cheer abounds, until Trish Ackerly spies a demon from her childhood standing outside gawping at the festive display fronting her bakery shop. Although murderous thoughts instantly leap to mind, as he steps inside she bottles-out on courage and leaves her partners' in pastry crime to face Ian Rafferty, hunk extraordinaire: the very cause of childhood embarrassment and heartache Trish would give almost anything to avenge.
Lo & Behold it is her artistic ability that has caught Ian’s eye rather than that of chocolate Yule logs and Christmas sweetmeats. Hence, the chance to enact revenge soon wins in the “shall-I, shan’t-I, dare-I stakes” because Trish bears no resemblance to the butt of his past teasing ways, and when he fails to recognise her she’s raring to cause Rafferty grief in a way he won’t forget in a hurry. Needless to say emotions run high for Trish in fulfilling Ian’s commission to render his house with festive cheer, and while he fails to equate the glamorous Trish Acker (nom de plume) with Patricia Ackerly the girl now woman torments him big time. Believe it, this is a delightfully funny and entertaining read with a lovely little twist!
This novella is due for release Nov 1st 2013 - point of sale to follow.