Thursday, 29 December 2016

Georgian Romp!

Reviewed by Fran.

A rip-roaring Georgian romp set in Scotland, and if as a reader you love witty dialogue then this book is for you. There’s nothing pretentious here and no inherited Georgette Heyer slang to trip over. This is a full-on adventure with a daring young heroine of bold countenance, that is, until the derring-do of others sets precedence for fear, confusion, and the shocking revelation that some men of the road are decidedly intriguing. Thus element of mystery prevails, as two masked heroes, yes two, lurk in the shadows. When dark facts come to light they are as amusing as they are disturbing to one heroine. The other heroine has her own dark past, and is not as easily given to daydreams of masked heroic men, but when the fates are conspiring to cause mayhem and heartache, a happy ending seems nigh impossible, until love springs to the rescue.  Yep, this is a rollicking more modern style historical romp devoid of overt social mores and light-weight on historical time specific detailing, thus great for afternoon escapism beside a cosy hearth.