Friday, 1 January 2016

A Little Gem Historical Read!

Reviewed by Frances.

Don’t be misled by the cover, or the title, into believing a 17th century duel is in the offing with the clashing of steel. And yet, “Suit of Swords” is a duel of sorts, but only in the romantic context of battling one’s feelings and gauging one’s chances of success.  Hence, this short romance novella has more page-turning pull than many hyped (often overly hyped) historical romance tomes penned by NYT Best Selling authors. “Suit of Swords” is a rare gem, which does indeed add background spice to a series of mind-blowing and explosive series of novels set within the English Civil Wars. Thus Amsterdam (Christmas 1626) is the setting for this touching tale of one woman’s kindness, and that of a young English mercenary soldier’s secret thoughts.

Kindness and affection bestowed upon Hollie Babbitt is wholly alien to the youth, though somewhat comforting, and decidedly tempting, but dare he respond in kind?  Likewise, Margriete, proprietor of the Blue Cat Inn, knows her place in the scheme of life in general. But there are times when a patron draws a compassionate eye, none more so than Hollie. Thus sense of Christmas spirit takes hold, and the giving of gifts is a costly business when a sacrifice must be made in the name of love; but can it be love, or a foolish notion that can only lead to heartache?