Sunday, 22 June 2014

Latest Contemporary Mainstream Paranormal.

Guest Review by Fran.

Having enjoyed ‘Mystery at Rosehill’ I was thrilled to receive a review copy of ‘Secrets at Rosehill’, and I’ve again enjoyed time spent with Camilla and Marcus. In the first novel the machinations of a blossoming romance between the hero and heroine was tentative at best, because, not only did Camilla entertain spiritual visitations from the nether world in her role as a psychic medium, one or two tested Marcus’ faith to extremes in his role as the resident vicar to a rural parish. The base line being, could too such opposites come together in united harmony?
In this, the second book (four years later), marital bliss between Camilla and Marcus seems as idyllic as does ‘Rosehill’, the house which Camilla loves as much as she loves old dark furniture and antiques. But it is the ‘others’ whom dwell within the walls of Rosehill, not least the reappearance of familiar ghostly apparitions and favoured characters from book 1, that all in all, make for a delightful follow-up read.
I rather liked the way a diary penned in the 1800s reveals much about the history of the house and captures Camilla’s attention. Whilst the diary owner’s favourite room is not as empty as one might imagine, much of what happens within his private place seems quite logical. Nonetheless, contented reality can all too easily be blighted by real-time secrets. Thus, two chance encounters, two small fibs, and mixed emotions unexpectedly come full circle for both Camilla and Marcus. At this point in time, one begins to wonder can the once happy couple survive a looming crisis? And believe it, when I say, the author takes a great leap of psychic faith with the end sequence, because it’s not only touching in its finality it reminds us to hold onto the now, whilst knowing the past is always at our elbow!