Thursday, 7 November 2013

Latest Historical Review

Reviewed by Nigella.
Lord Love a Duke.
It would seem - though I cannot be sure - the author set out to allude to the old English idiom ‘Lord Luv a Duck' within in her title. At least, I hope that was the overall intention. The idiom itself ‘Lord Luv a Duck‘ means ‘stunned or dismayed!’
The novel is almost literary word perfect. However, the essay style of the text left a little to be desired, as did head-hopping from character to character. Again forgivable because the novel is well written. The dialogue is crisp and humorous. The overall plot is a tried and tested popular Regency storyline. Fortunately Ms Reynolds spins a good and original yarn, in which the young duke of Dorset lives in hope of seeing his sister betrothed. In order to achieve his aim he plans a country house party and invites potential suitors for Miranda to choose from. His sister is a feisty minx and has plans of her own to outwit her brother. At the start of this novel I found the duke's situation and that of his sister rather amusing.  Sadly, at the point where I began to warm to the duke’s capricious sister Miranda, she shouts 'Bugger off!' to her brother. This incident spoilt the read and threw me out of the Regency era. Unwilling to cast the novel aside I did read on as the duke's family, friends and guests are gambolling along in horse drawn carriages en route for Sussex. All are destined for a country house. On arrival Miranda schemes and conjures pranks in order to humiliate her brother. Her friend Lady Juliet is little better. Goaded by Miranda, Juliet exploits all avenues to play further silly jokes on Miranda's brother. Miranda in the meanwhile outsmarts ardent suitors and Juliet falls madly in love with the duke. The duke is likewise smitten and idolises Juliet. And there comes the happy ever after! The rest of the characters are adult in nature and the end is fittingly sweet. I rate Lord Love a Duke as a rollicking sweet YA Regency romp.
IMHO Lord Luv a Duck stunned and dismayed with Miranda's first 'bugger off!' Miranda sadly swore time and time again and all sense of her as a titled Regency lady fell by the wayside.