Sunday, 25 August 2013

Latest Contemporary Review - The Green Hills of Home


The Green Hills of Home by Emma Bennet.

Reviewed by Emma Harvey

As sweet romances go this novel is a sweet as they come. Emma Bennet gives us Gwen, a young Welsh author desperate for money. If only Gwen can secure a three-book deal her dream might be realised and her beloved home won’t be sold from under her feet.  She loves her mam and adores the family dog Oscar and she can’t think what they will do if they lose all that is precious and dear to them. Miracle of miracles sweet Gwen is summoned to the offices of a London publisher. Oh crikey, she meets someone who helped her out of a rather awkward situation hours before and although handsome and kind he was a little gruff. Convinced John Thatcher doesn’t remember her she’s a little disappointed and that’s not all, he’s her editor. Little does Gwen know John Thatcher wonders whether he can work with her. John thinks Gwen is too damn attractive and does everything he can to prevent his having to edit her novel. His boss insists and John is forced to visit Gwen at home because she has a sick mam and a farm to look after. A city man at heart the countryside is at first alien to John and he suffers it the same way he suffers their working relationship. Friendship does slowly build between them and John becomes as confused as Gwen as love blossoms. All the while as a reader you’re left pondering who will tell the other of their feelings first. It’s an agonising wait for the romantic finale and when it does happen it’s a fitting end to a thoroughly sweet tale of a caring natured girl who will always put others first before herself. No way is this a Chick-lit
novel. The heroine is too selfless and adorable.