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Submission Guidelines 

Please bear with us in doing our best to please authors with decent and honest reviews. We are here to review novels with passion and love for characters we've never met before and those familiar to us as read within book series. As Francine says: "We are not here to critique novels, we express passion for strong plots, memorable characters, and lastly entertainment value".        

You may if you wish select a first choice reviewer but please add a second choice.

When sending books for review enclose a Mobi file for all reviewers other than Francine which enables reading of books on a Kindle. 

Francine will accept both Mobi or Word files. She has the software to covert word to Mobi/Kindle read and will forward books to a named reviewer. 

All books sent for review are never shared with third party people.  All our reviewers are trusted persons known to us. 

Me Charlotte and Francine will accept ARCs for books on pre-order at Amazon and published books. 

Me Charlotte, I prefer Georgian, Regency, Victorian novels, and can be tough on slack research and the plot has to be plausible! (UK) 

Francine reviews books from all historical genres, her expertise as an Oxford graduate is 17-18-19th century settings. (UK)

If you prefer Nigella to review your novel would you be kind enough to put Nigella as the subject matter. She is a maritime historian and admits she can be strict on historical facts. (UK)

David has been unwell. (USA)

M.J.  I've been informed is strapped for time and committed to a three-book deal with Sapere Publishing. (UK)

However, we welcome Emma and Geri, both whom prefer Regency and will read (JAFF) -Jane Austen Fan Fiction. (UK)

Josanna prefers realistic historical novels.  (US) 

that's about it,